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Jeff is the Vice President of Enterprise Relationships at LifeYield. His deep industry experience makes him an important author to watch. He writes about key industry themes, landmark events and game-changing news that's shaping the future of financial advice.
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What about the Wholesaler?

5/5/20 2:16 PM / by Jeff Quigley posted in Advisors, Householding


At the Future of Advice conference in December of 2019, Steve Gresham coined the phrase “Adoption is the new Innovation.” Steve was referring to how the adoption of technology is lacking across the advisor population. Steve’s message was urging advisors and industry leaders to leverage fintech to battle the many factors significantly slowing organic growth. When embraced, technology can help advisors be more efficient, demonstrate value, identify “next best actions” and improve the client experience. So why is it that more Mutual Fund and Insurance/Annuity carriers aren’t pursuing this opportunity to partner with fintech companies to facilitate increased adoption? 

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Three Key Themes from the Future of Financial Advice Summit

11/25/19 10:24 AM / by Jeff Quigley posted in Digital Advice, Event


Investment News’ “Future of Advice” conference was illuminating for many industry leaders. It featured a star-studded lineup, whose presentations centered around merging digital and human advice to provide superior client experience. This action-packed day unearthed three common themes from the panel and break out discussions.
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