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Matt is the VP of Marketing at LifeYield. He has deep experience running marketing automation platforms, managing social media, creating engaging content and coordinating multi-channel digital experiences for tech and financial services companies. He writes about personal branding and marketing strategies for advisors that help them attract prospects and retain clients.
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Householding: the strategy shaking up wealth management today

11/6/20 1:54 PM / by Matt Nollman posted in Advisors, Householding, Asset Location


It’s been called many things over the years. Unified managed household. Aggregated accounts. Complete household view… just to name a few.

All of these terms are similar. When they first started being used, they all meant essentially the same thing. But a household view (or whatever you want to call it) is not enough anymore. Advisors need to manage and coordinate assets at the household-level – across accounts –optimizing for risk and tax – and maximizing after-tax returns.

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20 financial services leaders to follow on LinkedIn

10/28/20 3:56 PM / by Matt Nollman posted in Personal Branding, Digital Advice, Social Media


Growing your network on LinkedIn helps build your brand awareness and form real connections with potential clients. And the best way to stay vigilant and find these opportunities to connect is to follow industry leaders.

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AdviceTech.LIVE: Summarizing of the Future of FinTech

9/2/20 11:05 AM / by Matt Nollman posted in Advisors, Financial Planning, Event


Digital events are tough to get right.
AdviceTech.LIVE was right.

Digital events are meant to bridge the gap until in-person events make a comeback. But most COVID era events have been in test mode. AdviceTech.LIVE met the challenge and has been the best FinTech digital event of the year, if not ever.

Why? Two things.

The experience and the cause.

Experience wins. Not only was the speaker line-up top-notch – and featured 20+ CEOs and senior executives at the companies developing the future of FinTech – but the format was highly engaging. All the speakers were 100% live. And it made a difference.

The cause: Half the revenue from the event went to support the Center for Financial Planning Diversity & Inclusion. Every person and company that participated is proud to contribute to an event that lives this mission. Diversity is the key to developing our industry. And we all know it.

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My journey with a Financial Advisor: A Millennial Investing Story

7/22/20 10:41 AM / by Matt Nollman posted in Advisors, Financial Planning


I’m 29 and I have a financial advisor.

I know, it’s early. But some circumstances led me to connect with the family advisor and our relationship began.

After working in financial services for the last 3+ years, I’ve heard a lot about the importance of retaining the next generation of clients. That’s what’s happening here.

So, I wrote about it.

This rest of this post will give you an overview of the process I went through for onboarding through transitioning into a full client. I’ll talk about what I liked and didn’t like. I’ll talk about what my advisor could have said to make me feel more comfortable about certain things. And if there was a missed opportunity or a piece of software that I wish they had, I’ll address that too.

Here’s how it went down:

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How one advisor leveled-up his practice with simple scoring systems

6/30/20 5:13 PM / by Matt Nollman posted in Advisors, Tax, Financial Planning, Householding, Tax-Efficient Investing, Asset Location


"Now I understand what you've been saying all these years."

This is music to anyone's ears. But it's pure gold in the financial advice world.

Advisors have been trying to simplify complicated topics like risk and tax for decades. Today, we have a real success story.

Enter: Rick Mida, Partner and Wealth Advisor at Canopy Wealth Management.

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BooST 🚀 Your Practice with Themes from Chalice 2020

3/11/20 9:34 AM / by Matt Nollman posted in Advisors, Event, Tax-Efficient Investing


There’s power in community. When a group of like-minded people come together for a common purpose, the potential is limitless.

Chalice (the community) brings advisors together. CEO Keith Gregg kicked things off with some engaging and entertaining examples that highlighted the power of community. With the rise and mass-adoption of the internet, people find themselves looking to reconnect with the world around them. Advisors working solo or in a small shop can feel the solitude after a short amount of time. This community can help.

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Getting Started with Facebook for Advisors

1/22/20 10:42 AM / by Matt Nollman posted in Personal Branding, Digital Advice, Social Media


With all the compliance rules that need to be followed in the financial services industry, it can be intimidating to leverage a controversial social media platform like Facebook. But once an advisor understands the necessary parameters that should be followed, they will come to realize how impactful Facebook can be to amplify marketing efforts, increase brand awareness, and offer engagement opportunities to prospects.

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10 actionable Twitter strategies for advisors

11/19/19 9:31 AM / by Matt Nollman posted in Personal Branding, Digital Advice, Social Media


From creating engaging content to planning creative campaigns, it can feel overwhelming for busy advisors to create an impactful Twitter strategy. The financial world moves quickly, and we need tools in place to help us keep up. When used strategically, Twitter can help advisors stay on top of relevant news, source content to share across their social channels and position themselves as thought leaders in the financial space. The news is significantly more diluted today than it was 20 years ago, and Twitter can help you sift through the noise.
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How advisors can develop a strong LinkedIn presence

11/7/19 2:29 PM / by Matt Nollman posted in Personal Branding, Digital Advice, Social Media


LinkedIn is a powerful social media channel for business. With a strong plan and a long-term commitment, LinkedIn can help advisors increase visibility and boost their reputation. Advisors should play to their strengths on the platform, sharing content that positions them as a leader on topics that differentiate their practice.

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