The New Trend Shaking up Advisor Tech Platforms

9/22/20 1:52 PM / by Jeff Quigley posted in Advisors, Financial Planning


For decades, our industry has been configured to promote transactional business and product sales. And has not focused deeply on processes such as client experience, financial planning, or tax optimization... Until now.

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The Silver Bullet for Delivering Quality Advisor Tech Platforms

9/17/20 5:12 PM / by Steve Zuschin posted in Advisors, Financial Planning


We’ve all heard this story before.

Your firm’s top advisor suddenly leaves and takes their $200M book with them.

  • Why did they leave?
  • Could we have done something to get them to stay?
  • How do we prevent this from happening in the future?

The secret: It starts with the advisor tech platform.

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AdviceTech.LIVE: Summarizing of the Future of FinTech

9/2/20 11:05 AM / by Matt Nollman posted in Advisors, Financial Planning, Event


Digital events are tough to get right.
AdviceTech.LIVE was right.

Digital events are meant to bridge the gap until in-person events make a comeback. But most COVID era events have been in test mode. AdviceTech.LIVE met the challenge and has been the best FinTech digital event of the year, if not ever.

Why? Two things.

The experience and the cause.

Experience wins. Not only was the speaker line-up top-notch – and featured 20+ CEOs and senior executives at the companies developing the future of FinTech – but the format was highly engaging. All the speakers were 100% live. And it made a difference.

The cause: Half the revenue from the event went to support the Center for Financial Planning Diversity & Inclusion. Every person and company that participated is proud to contribute to an event that lives this mission. Diversity is the key to developing our industry. And we all know it.

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Why advisors should adopt an asset location strategy

8/19/20 2:29 PM / by Steve Zuschin posted in Advisors, Financial Planning, Asset Location


We live in a “more” culture. Money. Happiness. Health. We’re programmed to always want more.

That’s what asset location provides. More.

Higher after-tax returns for clients. More revenue for the advisor and the firm. It’s a win-win.

Adopting an asset location strategy and adding the ability to quantify those benefits for clients adds tremendous value to an advisory practice. Not only will you generate more revenue per client, but your clients will have a clear understanding of the value you bring to the table. Value that goes far beyond the performance of investments.

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Filing for Social Security while SSA offices remain closed

8/5/20 1:44 PM / by Alyson Furda posted in Advisors, Financial Planning, Social Security


While the pandemic continues to surge on around the country, Social Security Administration offices remain closed with no hint of reopening anytime soon. This new norm has created an entirely new Social Security filing process for near retirees and retirees. As a financial advisor, it is more prudent now than ever before to become a Social Security expert to help aid your clients through this new process remotely. 


As of two weeks ago, the SSA has remained quiet in regards to their office reopening plans after four months of implementing their remote filing continuity plan. Preparing clients to file for Social Security benefits can be daunting normally but now there are even more concerns regarding filing strategies and timing than in the past.

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My journey with a Financial Advisor: A Millennial Investing Story

7/22/20 10:41 AM / by Matt Nollman posted in Advisors, Financial Planning


I’m 29 and I have a financial advisor.

I know, it’s early. But some circumstances led me to connect with the family advisor and our relationship began.

After working in financial services for the last 3+ years, I’ve heard a lot about the importance of retaining the next generation of clients. That’s what’s happening here.

So, I wrote about it.

This rest of this post will give you an overview of the process I went through for onboarding through transitioning into a full client. I’ll talk about what I liked and didn’t like. I’ll talk about what my advisor could have said to make me feel more comfortable about certain things. And if there was a missed opportunity or a piece of software that I wish they had, I’ll address that too.

Here’s how it went down:

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The Fundamentals of Engaging Remote Client Meetings

7/7/20 12:27 PM / by Steve Zuschin posted in Advisors, Financial Planning


Change is never easy. But that’s exactly what the financial advice industry is facing today. It’s going to be particularly difficult for an industry that is normally slower to evolve, but we can do it. The tools exist. It’s just a matter of finding the right ones for you.

The rest of this post expands on the four most important components of leading an engaging remote client meeting.

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How one advisor leveled-up his practice with simple scoring systems

6/30/20 5:13 PM / by Matt Nollman posted in Advisors, Tax, Financial Planning, Householding, Tax-Efficient Investing, Asset Location


"Now I understand what you've been saying all these years."

This is music to anyone's ears. But it's pure gold in the financial advice world.

Advisors have been trying to simplify complicated topics like risk and tax for decades. Today, we have a real success story.

Enter: Rick Mida, Partner and Wealth Advisor at Canopy Wealth Management.

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Can your clients benefit from an asset location strategy?

6/10/20 2:25 PM / by Steve Zuschin posted in Advisors, Householding


As a result of the recent market volatility, clients are turning to their advisors for more support than ever before. While it is key to provide client services above and beyond the norm, advisors need to reassure their clients by effectively communicating and illustrating their value. 

The key to illustrating your value as an advisor is through asset location and long-term tax efficiency.

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The Building Blocks of Tax-Smart Asset Location

6/3/20 2:56 PM / by Jack Sharry posted in Advisors, Tax, Financial Planning, Householding, Tax-Efficient Investing, Asset Location


Investors are painfully aware their retirement plan needs a do-over.  With so much uncertainty, it's like the investment gods shook every investor's portfolio like a canister of Legos and dumped them on the floor.  Top advisors are helping investors rebuild portfolios, get on the right track, and realize their retirement dreams.

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